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Welcome to RSVP

London based Video Playback team, specialising in Qtake and Remote Streaming.


A little bit about us…

Ever wondered what happens when two video legends collide?! Well, we aren’t sure either. But what we can tell you, is that on a gloomy afternoon, late 2015, Robbie and Spindle started up a little video playback company. With the concept of having a team of operators, RSVP was born and are now proud to be the largest playback company in the UK. The RSVP team are here for your commercial, film and drama needs!

Meet the team


All of our Video Operators use the Qtake HD system, offering recording for up to 8 cameras at once, an integrated Streaming, Editing suite and Mix & Overlay capability. We can record any format whether it’s Film, HD or 4K. All of our Qtake rigs are flight ready, compact and lightweight.

Meet the team
the ability to stream


RSVP’s newest venture. We did our research and with the time gifted to us during lockdown, we tried, tested and invested! We’re now proud to offer 2 great remote playback solutions for anyone that can’t attend set.

Remote streaming
Full HD Transmission


RSVP is proud to offer the new Teradek 6, Teradek 4K & Full HD, 0 delay, Teradek Wireless Transmitters as well as Atomos, Tv Logic, Cine 7 and Small HD Wireless Monitors. Our Transmitters are light, compact and have incredible range. Gun and run? Our iPad package lets you transmit locally to up to 8 iPads.



Our vans are fully stocked with HD Tv Logic, Flanders and SmallHD monitors, OLED and LCD, ranging in size from 5.6″ all the way through to 32″ with almost every size in between. All of our monitors work on both mains and battery, allowing them to be used when no power is available.


“We went into 6 hours of overtime but I’m pretty sure it wasn’t Robbie’s fault”

Jessica Producer

“I wasn’t on set, but the fact he wasn’t fired by the Director was a good sign”

Ben Producer

“I’ve never seen someone move a monitor with such grace”

Richard DOP

“They certainly give the appearance that they know what they’re doing”

David Production Manager

“Spindle? Is that his first name?”

Lucy Producer

“I would happily use any of the RSVP operators. But not on a real shoot”

Mike DOP

“They knew about the local late break options which is always a win for me”

Kelly Production Manager

“Highly enjoyable to sit next to!”


“They say not all heroes wear capes. Well, RSVP aren’t heroes, but they do have nice T Shirts.”