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Remote Streaming


RSVP are proud to offer 2 remote streaming solutions, giving you the ability to stream to Directors, Client and Agency anywhere in the world with minimal delay. We can even stream to crew, minimising the amount of people on set… Both of our streaming packages offer 1080HD video, with audio and can send up to 8 x Cameras!

All of our operators come with high powered 4G modems and can also connect to the local Wifi. Streams can be viewed on both iOS and Android and can be viewed on your phone or tablet when you’re on the move!

Not enough room onset? Minimal crew? No problem. We can stream from camera without actually being there, using our Encoder and Decoder set. With just one piece of hardware on set, we can remotely control who views the live feed and can add more people at anytime during the shoot. We can even receive picture at our HQ and then stream back out, giving remote viewers playback.

For more info or to find out more about the packages, please get in touch using the contact page.